DMX512 440W LED Follow Spot Focus Light Followspot

Wedding Focus Follow Spot Light MSD 350W-17R / LED 440w Electronic Control Follow spot Lighting For Performence Stage Effect
Professional theater follow spot suitable for a projection area of up to 100 meters, No shadow around the aperture No flicker
DMX512 and Comfortable control via control panel with buttons and faders, Color wheel with 5 different, dichroic color filters and white
Gobo can be customed, need  compensate the price difference if you want special gobo  pattern or colors, feel free to message us.Thanks
Technical Parameters:
Supply voltage: AC100-240V 50Hz / 60Hz
Bulb Specifications:MSD 350w-17R / LED 440w (optional)
Power consumption: 500W
Color: a color wheel 6 colors (I nclude white light) the pattern can be customized.
Control mode: electronic control / DMX512
Optical system: a combination of high-precision quartz aspheric lens (4)
Cooling system: high intensity air-cooled (double fan)
Iris effect: Aperture size adjustable
Strobe: 1-7 times / sec manual strobe
Color temperatures: Normal 5600K, Raised 6000K,Down 3200K
Best Effective distance: 15-100m
Beam angle: 23 degrees
Security measures: Compliance with various safety standards
IP20 protection class power lines meet CE20 / 22 three standard
high-temperature protection device automatically cut off.
Housing: aluminum edging
Lamp Weight: 15KG.  Bracket: 6.5KG
Packing include
1x Follow Spot
1x Bracket
1x Bag Screw,Knob
1x Instructions and Warranty Card
1x Flight Case

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