Dimming Follow Spot Light LED 440 w Strobe Theater Spotlights

Wedding Focus Follow Spot Light LED440 Electronic Control Follow spot Lighting For Performence Stage Effect

Voltage: AC90V-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Light source: LED high power light source
Color: five solid colors / five patterns
(1: pattern can be customized 2: color temperature can be adjusted)
Strobe mode: Supports one-touch strobe
Control mode: Standalone mode / DMX signal control
Channel mode: 7 channel modes
Cooling system: high strength cold air
Light source effect: aperture size can be adjusted, double focus
Safety measures: meet a variety of safety standards IP protection level
Power cord in line with CE20 / 22 three standard, high temperature automatic cut off protection device
Machine size: 87x28x23cm

Packing include
1x Follow Spots
1x Tripod
1x Bag Screw,Knob
1x Instructions and Warranty Card
1x Flight Case

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