4 Channel DMX Dimmer Multi Switch Pack

4 Channels DMX Dimmer Rear Controller Pack

Technical Parameters:

1) The machine is a 4-channel dimming controller, the use of precise CPU digital processing technology.

2) Can work in automatic mode or DMX dimming mode,

3) DMX mode: Can receive one, two or four DMX signal, DMX starting channel from A001 to A512

4) Chase mode: The machine has 16 built-in program, you can set the chase speed and brightness, from SP01 to SP99, 01 for the 30S step, 99 for the fastest, 10 steps per second

5) Use 3Pin XLR male and female to connect DMX signal,

6) Input plug line: 3G1.0 American, European or other standard plug line;

7) Output socket: American, European or other standard socket;

8) Each channel is equipped with a maximum output of 10A (120V) or 5A (230V) per channel with a total current of 20A (120V) or 15A (230V), which is particularly suitable for fixed and mobile applications.

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