Atomic LED 1000 watt DMX Strobe Light/Stroboscope Lights


Atomic LED 1000 watt DMX Strobe Light/Stroboscope Lights

The Atomic Led 1000w Strobe Light= Atomic Xenon 3000w Lamp Strobe Light Saving electricity,
Easy to use,  Environmental protection Don't need to always replace flash tupe.
There is Atomic LED 1000watt RGB 3in1 model,please contact for more information

Voltage: AC110V ~ 240V 50-60Hz
Power: 1000W
Light source: LED5054 SMD Lamp Beads
The number of lamp beads: 800pcs
Lamp beads power: 1.2W/PCS
Light color: white
Color temperature: 6500 ~ 7200K
Channel: single channel / 3 channel / 6 channel free to switch
Control mode: DMX master / slave mode single-mode control dedicated controller
Function: Strobe speed brightness adjustable, built-in self-running program to support all-bright
Packing: EPE or Flight Case
Protection class: IP20
Size: 54 * 32 * 20.5CM
Weight: 7KG

Packing list for each unit:
1pcs led strobe light
1pcs DMX cable
1pcs manual book

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