6 DMX512 Channels Program Controller

6 DMX512 Channels Program Controller

Mini 54 console follow the DMX512 international standard protocol, can control all the DMX512 protocol support lamps, such as moving head lights, Star screens, all kinds of PAR lights. It has only 54 channels. When using it, please note that there should be no more than 54 channels in the same network. Such as: conventional computer lights only 16 channels, the same network can only string up to three lamps. (16X3 = 48 channels, less than 54 channels)

== "54 channels

== "can save 9 programs

== "Each program can save 50 scenes

== "Support power-off memory

== "Support 9V multimeter battery-powered

  Battery Type: PP3 9V

Size: 180 × 135 × 55mm

Net weight: about 0.7Kg

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